Governments across the globe are turning to IT as they seek to drive public-sector services and governance systems towards efficiency, transparency and people-centricity. N-Axis range of services, solutions and products are geared towards helping governments in India achieve this. Our rich domain experience in this sector has led us to forge long-term partnerships with government agencies both at the state and local levels.

Following a ‘Citizen First’ mission, Our Practice provides technology and business solutions to governments across the globe. We offer benefits-led public sector solutions that have been specifically architected by domain experts to suit the requirements of various key government functions such as Health and Human Services, Social Services, Criminal Justice and Public Safety, Transportation, Postal Services and Education.

We understand that as a public-sector agency the demands from IT infrastructure range from:

  • performance driven systems that are reliable and perform even when implemented in less-than-optimum conditions
  • cost-effective solutions since budget constraints and public accountability are huge concerns
  • flexible and adaptable solutions that can be implemented across geographies
  • easy-to-implement solutions that reduce response time and help achieve greater co-ordination amongst various departments

At N-Axis, we are committed to helping governments transform public governance services. We are committed to helping you to deliver on your promises to the people.

Our government-related services and solutions cover:

  • E-Governance advisory services: N-Axis Consulting practice can help you define e-governance vision, mission and strategies. We develop blueprints, roadmaps and architecture to achieve e-governance.
  • E-tendering: Our Enterprise application practice transforms tendering processes within the public sector. Apart from providing greater transparency, e-tendering has meant that vendors across geographies can participate in the process.
  • Departmental applications: We deliver end-to-end application development, deployment and management services to governments to support public access to information.
  • Infrastructure services & solutions: Our technology infrastructure and system integration practice helps national, state and local governments in systems design, systems integration, infrastructure consolidation, infrastructure support and turnkey project management.
  • A comprehensive set of consulting, IT services, ready-to-deploy frameworks, with the depth and experience to understand governments’ technology and business requirements
  • We are committed to significant areas of research and innovation to understand how governments will evolve in the future

Business Value

We will help you to identify and realize your goals through:

  • An enabled environment for good governance
  • Improved efficiency in operations
  • Enhanced service effectiveness
  • Expansion of the revenue base for government enterprises while reigning in costs
  • Self-Sustaining Business Models