The Retail and Consumer Product industries operate in environments that are highly dynamic, with new challenges and opportunities emerging constantly. Our Retail and Consumer Products Industry Services Unit offers a fully integrated organization that embeds end-to-end capabilities to help you achieve success.

Equipped with extensive industry, technology and delivery capabilities, we work with you to provide solutions and services that address strategic & operational challenges, optimize business performance, align technology with the business priorities, reduce cost, improve margins, and constantly sharpen competitive advantage. We have invested in a rich set of solution offerings, assets and accelerators to increase ROI and decrease time-to-value of your business and IT programs.

Operating on minimal tolerances, the retail industry faces challenges similar to those in other industries. The only difference is that they combine together to put a great deal of pressure on retailers in today's modern economy. With a fast-paced society and faster-paced technological changes, customers want new, different, and customized goods and that too without delay. The critical risks that the retail industry is facing today are:

  • Shortening product life cycles
  • Managing multi channel operations
  • High demand volatility
  • Extended supply chains
  • Production offshoring
  • Increasing lead times
  • Pricing pressures
  • Lost sales and brand erosion due to stock outs
  • Highly competitive and margin sensitive industry


Identifying your most important customers and prospects—and integrating customer insights and powerful analytics into retail decision-making can drive high performance throughout your business. N-Axis retail consulting professionals can help your organization thrive in today's competitive landscape.